zaha hadid: art borders wallpaper for marburg by designboom

zaha hadid: art borders wallpaper for marburg

detail of ‘stria’ wallpaper by zaha hadid

zaha hadid has designed four collections for famous swiss wall-covering producer marburg.
with over a century of experience developing and creating contemporary wallpapers within its own factory,
marburg’s dedication to quality and constant reinvention remains the driving principle of the company.
zaha’s ‘art borders’ are digital prints up to 9.00 m wide and 3.30 m high, which seem to multiply, compress and energize rooms.
the complimentary drawings, with no definitive beginning nor end, dematerialize walls into endless canvases.
characteristic are the dynamic lines, expressive, organic shapes of her wall designs with a lot of depth through the interplay
of shimmering metallic effects, with matt and dull areas.

‘stria’ by zaha hadid

the effect of striated undulating ribbons emerging from the wall.
colour spectrum: silver and black and numerous shades of gray and silver.


a layered and highly tensioned composition of infinite spatiality.
available in a single layer and a multiple layered version.
colour spectrum: iridescent berry tones combined with silver, matte black and gray, mother of pearl white on white, iridescent
copper hues and a deep metallic forest green.

‘elastika’ wallpaper by zaha hadid

detail of ‘elastika’ wallpaper


an infinite lattice of voids and thrown into relief.
the corresponding repeat creates the effect of a lattice or polished pebbles.
colour spectrum: cool white, black and silver.

cloes-up of ‘cellular’

close-up of ‘cellular’

‘swirl’ wallpaper

motion through endless swelling, merging and weaving.
colour spectrum: warm reds, cool silver-gray, and iridescent petrol.

design by : zaha hadid architects / zaha hadid with patrik schumacher
project team: melodie leung with filipa gomes, danilo arsic, russel palmer, salvatore lillini, maha kutay, woody yao
marburg art director: dieter langer

designboom spotted zaha hadid’s wallpaper at the 13th edition of designers’ saturday, which took place on the first weekend of
november in 2010 in langenthal, switzerland. at the biennial event 71 exhibitors showed new work at local production sites
of hosting firms like création baumann, girsberger, glas trösch, hector egger holzbau and ruckstuhl.


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